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Our Your Mission 
We are here to champion, amplify and support the push that you've been making all along to feel more you.

About Us
FAFABON made its debut during the 2022 Pride season, aiming to amplify our community with top-notch design, materials, and unparalleled comfort. In a brief period, we've partnered with numerous LGBTQIA+ organizations, groups, events, charities, and incredible individuals. Over the past year, we've had remarkable experiences, from selling in Wilton Manors at Ball Beachwear to being an underwear sponsor at Texas Bear Roundup 2023. We've collaborated with the Providence Eagle in Providence, Rhode Island, and supported the Hetrick-Martin Institute in New York City as a Pride collaborator. This whirlwind year has taught us a lot, and now, as we relaunch, we're thrilled to elevate our relationship with loyal and new customers alike. Get ready for more exciting, high-quality, comfortable designs as we continue to aim to become a great companion in your life.

Note from CEO
Now, more than ever, we're tearing down barriers that define who we are. I observe my friends and the community around me embracing authenticity, refusing to pigeonhole desires, wants, personalities, and perspectives into a single career, direction, kink, or way of life. While we've always been multifaceted individuals, the past tumultuous years, especially with a global pandemic, have propelled us to live authentically. We're evolving, trying our best to live on our terms, savoring diverse experiences with various people in different scenarios. That's why FAFABON was created, a lifestyle brand illustrating that one person's life is multidimensional and authentic. We don't need to confine our personalities or desires—we're alive today, seeking to live fully. FAFABON is for those continually discovering themselves, relishing life's experiences, and, of course, learning, appreciating, and giving our best in the present moment. Over the past year, I've had the sincere and grateful opportunity to meet a diverse array of people within our community. It's truly beautiful that these individuals are the ones shaping the essence of this brand, this idea. I'm thrilled to see my friends, all of you, become part of this community and continue to advocate for authenticity, individuality, and the sense of belonging to a community.